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(Compilation w/- V.A.) Skydog: A Retrospective (1965 > 71 ~ Rounder ~ CD-1-11661-9137-2 ~ 7 CD's) (Numbered Limited Edition #3718 of 10000)

1/7 CD

(The Escorts) Turn On Your Love Light / (The Escorts) No Name Instrumental / (The Escorts) What'd I Say / (The Allman Joys) Spoonful / (The Allman Joys) Gotta Get Away / (The Allman Joys) Shapes Of Things / (The Allman Joys) Crossroads / (The Allman Joys) Mister, You're A Better Man Than I / (The Allman Joys) Lost Woman / (Hour Glass) Cast Off All My Fears / (Hour Glass) I've Been Trying / (Hour Glass) Nothing But Tears / (Hour Glass) Power Of Love / (Hour Glass) Down In Texas / (Hour Glass) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) / (Hour Glass) B.B. King Medley: Sweet Little Angel > It's My Own Fault > How Blue Can You Get / (Hour Glass) Been Gone Too Long / (Hour Glass) Ain't No Good To Cry / (31st Of February) Morning Dew / (31st Of February) Melissa / (The Bleus) Milk And Honey / (The Bleus) Leavin' Lisa / (The Bleus) Julianna's Gone

2/7 CD

(Clarence Carter) The Road Of Love / (Clarence Carter) Light My Fire / (Wilson Pickett) Hey Jude / (Wilson Pickett) Toe Hold / (Wilson Pickett) My Own Style Of Loving / (Wilson Pickett) Born To Be Wild / (Laura Lee) It's How You Make It Good / (Laura Lee) It Ain't What You Do (But How You Do It) / (Spencer Wiggins) I Never Loved A Woman (The Way I Love You) / (Arthur Conley) Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da / (Arthur Conley) Stuff You Gotta Watch / (Arthur Conley) Speak Her Name / (Arthur Conley) That Can't Be My Baby / (Willie Walker) A Lucky Loser / (The Lovelles) I'm Coming Today / (The Lovelles) Pretending Dear / (Aretha Franklin) The Weight / (Aretha Franklin) It Ain't Fair / (Soul Survivors) Darkness / (Soul Survivors) Tell Daddy / (Soul Survivors) Got Down On Saturday / (King Curtis) Hey Joe / (King Curtis)- Foot Pattin' / (King Curtis) Games People Play / (King Curtis) The Weight / (The Sweet Inspirations) Get A Little Order

3/7 CD

(The Barry Goldberg Blues Band) Twice A Man / (Duane Allman) Goin' Down Slow / (Duane Allman) No Money Down / (Duane Allman) Happily Married Man / (Otis Rush) Me / (Otis Rush) Reap What You Sow / (Otis Rush) It Takes Time / (Duck & Bear) Going Up The Country / (Duck & Bear) Hand Jive / (Boz Scaggs) Finding Her / (Boz Scaggs) Look What I Got / (Boz Scaggs) Waiting For A Train / (Boz Scaggs) Loan Me A Dime / (The Allman Brothers Band) Don't Want You No More / (The Allman Brothers Band) It's Not My Cross To Bear / (The Allman Brothers Band) Black Hearted Woman / (The Allman Brothers Band) Trouble No More

4/7 CD

(The Allman Brothers Band) Every Hungry Woman / (The Allman Brothers Band) Dreams / (The Allman Brothers Band) Whipping Post / (Ronnie Hawkins) One More Night / (Ronnie Hawkins) Will The Circle Be Unbroken / (Ronnie Hawkins) Matchbox / (Ronnie Hawkins) Down In The Alley / (Ronnie Hawkins) Who Do You Love / (Lulu) Marley Purt Drive / (Lulu) Dirty Old Man / (Lulu) Mr. Bojangles / (Lulu) Sweep Around Your Own Back Door / (Johnny Jenkins) I Walk On Gilded Splinters / (Johnny Jenkins) Rollin' Stone / (Johnny Jenkins) Down Along The Cove / (Johnny Jenkins) Voodoo In You / (John Hammond) Shake For Me / (John Hammond) Cryin' For My Baby / (John Hammond) I'm Leavin' You / (John Hammond) You'll Be Mine / (Doris Duke) Ghost Of Myself

5/7 CD

(Eric Quincy Tate) Comin' Down (Demo) / (The Allman Brothers Band) Hoochie Coochie Man (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) Midnight Rider / (The Allman Brothers Band) Dimples (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (Live) / (Delaney & Bonnie) Soul Shake / (Laura Nyro) Beads Of Sweat / (The Allman Brothers Band) Don't Keep Me Wonderin' / (Delaney & Bonnie) Living On The Open Road / (Ella Brown) A Woman Left Lonely / (Ella Brown) Touch Me / (Bobby Lance) More Than Enough Rain / (Derek & The Dominos) I Am Yours / (Derek & The Dominos) Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? / (Derek & The Dominos) Have You Ever Loved A Woman / (Derek & The Dominos) Layla / (Eric Clapton & Duane Allman) Mean Old World

6/7 CD

(Sam Samudio) Me And Bobby McGee / (Sam Samudio) Relativity / (Sam Samudio) Goin' Upstairs / (Ronnie Hawkins) Don't Tell Me Your Troubles / (Ronnie Hawkins) Sick And Tired / (Ronnie Hawkins) Odessa / (Delaney & Bonnie) Gift Of Love / (Delaney & Bonnie) Sing My Way Home / (The Allman Brothers Band) Statesboro Blues (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Live) / (The Grateful Dead) Sugar Magnolia (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) One Way Out (Live) / (Herbie Mann) Push Push / (Herbie Mann) Spirit In The Dark / (Herbie Mann) What'd I Say

7/7 CD

(Delaney & Bonnie & Friends) Come On In My Kitchen (Live) / (Delaney & Bonnie & Friends) Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (Live) / (Delaney & Bonnie & Friends) Poor Elijah / Tribute To Johnson (Medley) (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) You Don't Love Me > Soul Serenade (Live) / (Cowboy) Please Be With Me / (The Allman Brothers Band) Stand Back / (The Allman Brothers Band) Blue Sky / (The Allman Brothers Band) Blue Sky (Live)/ (The Allman Brothers Band) Dreams (Live) / (The Allman Brothers Band) Little Martha



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