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(Compilation w/- V.A.) The Long Road To Freedom (2001 ~ Buddha ~ CD74465-99756-2/9 ~ 5 CD's / 1 DVD)

1/6 CD

(Asofoiatse Nettey) Ose Yie (Ashanti War Chant) / (Kan'Nida) Sakadougou (Malinke Ballad) / (Various Artists) Ake (Yoruba Work Chant) / (Toko Mzobe) Kufidi M'Pala Bituta) / (Emanuel N'Suba) Ayilongo (Ghenya Boatmen) / (Various Artists) Oba Oba (Homage To A King) / (Various Artists) Okaikoi (Harvest Ceremony) / (Betty Clotty & The African Children's Choir) Ashiee Tatale (Ga Play Song) / (Betty Clotty & The African Children's Choir) Aja Aja O (Yoruba Fable) / (Various Artists) Fakke-Well Shisha Maley (Transitional Hymn) / (Sorrell Brooke & Bessie Jones) Amazing Grace (And The Sermon) / (Nannie McNeil & Erzalene Jenkins) How Do You Do, Ev'rybody? (Greeting Shout) / (Valentine Pringle) O, Lord, I'm Waitin' On You (Spiritual) / (Bessie Jones) Prayer (Spiritual) / (Bessie Jones) Kneebone Bend (Prayer Shout) / (Harry Belafonte) Hark 'E Angel (Watcher's Shout) / (Bessie Jones) Yonder Comes Day (New Year Shout) / (Valentine Pringle) Goodbye Ev'rybody (Farewell Shout)

2/6 CD

(Leonard Depaur) Tombeau, Tombeau / (Leonard Depaur) Je M'en Vais Finir Mes Jours / (Leonard Depaur) Dans Un Brigatoire / (William Eaton) Pour La Belle Layotte / (Leonard Depaur) Fomme La Dit, Mo Malheuré / (Robert Henson & Leonard Depaur) Miche Banjo (Bamboula) / (J. Hamilton Grandison) Good Mornin', Good Morning' ("John Canoe" Processional) / (Erzalene Jenkins & Joseph Crawford) All Roun' De Glory Manger / (Erzalene Jenkins & Joseph Crawford) Mary, What You Call Yo' Baby? / (Leonard Depaur & Harry Belafonte) Wonderful Councillor / (Leon Bibb) Follow The Drinking Gourd / (Leonard Depaur) Steal Away To Jesus / (Joseph Crawford) There's A Meetin' Here Tonight / (Various Artists) Many Thousan' Gone / (Harry Belafonte) The Colored Volunteere / (Various Artists) We Look Like Men Of War / (Harry Belafonte) Song Of The First Arkansas Volunteers Glory Hallelujah / (Joseph Crawford) Free At Las'

3/6 CD

(Various Artists) Ol' Lady From Brewster (Children's Song) / (Miriam Burton) Hallie, Come On! (Woman's Field Holler) / (Thelma Drayton) Run Squirrel, Whoa Mule (Game Song) / (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee) Fox Chase (Mouth Organ) / (Valentine Pringle) Chickens Done Crowned (Sunrise Holler) / (African Children's Choir) 'Way Go Lily (Children's Song) / (Ned Wright) Shine On (Graveyard Holler) / (Bessie Jones) Grey Goose (Ballad) / (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee) Pick A Bale Of Cotton / (Bessie Jones) Li'l Gal, Li'l Gal (Game Song) / (Harry Belafonte) Go To Sleepy (Lullaby) / (Leonard DePaur) I Got 'Em (Street Cry) / (Tyron Cooper) Hambone, Hambone (Children's Pattin') / (Ned Wright) Watermelon Man (Blues) / (Gloria Lynne) Fare Thee Well, Oh Honey (Blues) / (Lillian Hayman) Blackberry Woman (Street Cry) / (Al Shackman & Joe Williams) Easy Rider Blues) (Blues) / (Sharon G. Williams) Oh, Johnny Brown (Ring Game) / (Valentine Pringle) I Got 'Em (Street Cry) / (Brownie McGhee) Black Woman (Blues) / (Ned Wright) Watermelon Man (Street Cry)

4/6 CD

(Joseph Crawford & Brownie McGhee & Godfrey Cambridge) Let The Deal Go Down / (Brownie McGhee & Herman Foster & Joe Williams) Betty And Dupree / (Leon Bibb) Eas' Man / (Valentine Pringle) John Henry / (Al Shackman & Harry Belafonte) Boll Weevil / (Cortez Franklin & Lennie Pogon) Stagolee / (Herman Foster & Gloria Lynne) Joe Turner Blues / (Ben Carter & Lennie Pogon) Honey, Take A Whiff On Me / (Various Artists) Go 'Long Muley / (Leonard DePaur) My Baby In A Guinea Blue Gown / (Milt Grayson) Dat Liar / (Various Artists) Finale

5/6 CD

(Valentine Pringle) Ho Boys, Cancha Line 'Em? / (Harry Belafonte) Good Ir'n / (Various Artists) Go On, Ol' Gator / (Various Artists) Doncha Hear Yo' Po' Mother Callin'? / (Charles Colman & William Eaton) River Sounding Chant / (Harry Belafonte) Nobody's Business, Lord, But Mine / (Harry Belafonte) My God Is A Rock / (Various Artists) We Are Climbin' Jacob's Ladder / (Harry Belafonte) I Am So Glad / (Irving D. Barnes & Martin Luther King, Jr.) I'll Never Turn Back No Mo' (An Excerpt From Dr. King Speech) / (Howard Roberts) Lord, I Don't Feel Noways Tired

6/6 DVD

Footsteps On The Long Road To Freedom: The Making Of The Anthology Of Black Music



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