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(Compilation w/- V.A.) Hear Me Howlin'! (Blues, Ballads, & Beyond) (1954 > 71 ~ Arhoolie ~ CD518A-D ~ 4 CD's)

1/4 CD

(Jesse Fuller) Hump In My Back / (Jesse Fuller) Brother Low Down / (Skid Band) Berkeley's Junko Partner / (Skid Band) Tight Like That / (Bob Mielke's Bearcats) Moose March / (Big Joe Williams) Highway 49 / (Mary Williams) Oakland Blues / (Big Joe Williams) Greystone (Alameda County Jail) Blues / (K.C. Douglas) I Know You Didn't Want Me / (K.C. Douglas) Night Shirt Blues  (K.C. Douglas) Stop Time / (K.C. Douglas) Hear Me Howling / (Lonnie Johnson) Stand Alone Blues / (Lonnie Johnson) Brenda / (Sonny Terry) Changed The Lock On My Door / (Bukka White) Bald Eagle Train (Take 1) / (Lightnin' Hopkins) Tom Moore's Farm / (Lightnin' Hopkins) Up On Telegraph (Avenue) / (Mercy Dee) Lady Luck

2/4 CD

(Country Joe & The Fish) I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag / (Toni Brown) You Turned Your Back / (Toni Brown) How Could I Stand It / (Toni Brown) Don't Forget Me Love / (Crabgrass) Charles Giteau / (Joy Of Cooking) Midnight Blues / (T.A. Talbott) Depression Gone From Me / (T.A. Talbott) Mr. Brakeman / (Debbie Green) Who's Going To Be My Man? / (Bob Neuwirth) Come See / (Janet Smith) Lady Gay / (Merritt Herring) Talking Protest Blues / (Alice Stuart) Black Jack David / (Perry Lederman) Eventually / (Perry Lederman) Impressions Of John Henry / (Barbara Dane) Deportees / (Hackberry Ramblers) Big Texas (Grand Texas) / (Hackberry Ramblers) Jolie Blonde / (Hackberry Ramblers) Turtle Tail / (Fondettes) The Beatles Are In Town

3/4 CD

(Mance Lipscomb) Willie Poor Boy / (Mance Lipscomb) The Titanic / (Mance Lipscomb) Mean Boss Man / (Mance Lipscomb) Sugar Babe /(Rev. Louis Overstreet) Working On A Building / (Rev. Louis Overstreet) The Old Ship Of Zion / (Rev. Gary Davis) I'm A Soldier / (Rev. Gary Davis) Floor Sweepin' Rag / (Rev. Gary Davis) Courtin' Boy / (Mississippi Fred McDowell) Shake 'Em On Down / (Mississippi Fred McDowell) Louise / (Mississippi Fred McDowell) Write Me A Few Of Your Lines / (Skip James) Low Down Dirty Things / (Skip James) 22-20 Blues (Mr. Kress) / (Skip James) Sea Walking Jesus / (Skip James) No Special Lover / (Skip James) Peace In The Valley

4/4 CD

(Vern Ray) Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong / (Vern Ray) The Touch Of God's Hand / (Big Mama Thornton) 'Fore Day In The Mornin' / (Big Mama Thornton) Ball And Chain / (Big Mama Thornton) Hound Dog / (John Semien) Monsieur Leonard / (John Semien) Chi Ca Nai (Slow Drag) / (John Semien) Bye Bye Rosa / (Clifton Chenier) Mr. Charlie / (Clifton Chenier) Louisiana Rock / (Notes From The Underground) What Am I Doing Here? / (Stanley Willis) To Be A Thief / (Now Creative Arts Jazz Ensemble) Pretty Good / (Jerry Hahn) In The Breeze / (Smiley Winters) To Trane (a.k.a. Two Trains) / (Sonny Simmons) The Beauty Of Isis



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