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(OST w/- V.A. + Movie) Listerine On Sundays (Music From The Rails) (CD) + Cure For The Crash (The Art Of Train Hoppin') (A Brian Paul Film) (DVD) (2011 ~ Self Release (Not On Label) ~ n/a ~ 1 CD / 1 DVD)

1/2 CD

(Mandrake Project) An Ode To Spaceman / (Various Artists) The Calandar Hung Itelf / (Hail Seizures) One For The Ride / (Ommimmi) I Do Believe / (The Books) The Lemon Of Pink / (Junkie And The Daily Hustle) Sleepin' In Nawlins / (Stumps The Clown) Trouble / (Fugazi) Blueprint / (Pat Speakwate) Nobody Wants Me / (Casa De Chihuahua) Cryin' And Dancin' / (The Devil Makes Three) Graveyard / (The Zydepunk) Long Story Short / (Iron & Wine) Free Until They Cut Me Down

2/2 DVD

Cure For The Crash (The Art Of Train Hoppin') (A Brian Paul Film)



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