EARLE, Steve + VAN ZANDT, Townes + CLARK, Guy


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Together At The Bluebird Café (2004 ~ Snapper ~ SDPCD161 ~ 1 CD)

1/1 CD

(Guy Clark) Baby Took A Limo To Memphis / (Steve Earle) My Old Friend The Blues / (Townes Van Zandt) Intro To Katie Belle / (Townes Van Zandt) Katie Belle / (Guy Clark) The Cape / (Steve Earle) Intro To Valentine's Day / (Steve Earle) Valentine's Day / (Townes Van Zandt) Ain't Leavin Your Love / (Guy Clark) Randall Knife / (Steve Earle) Tom Ames' Prayer / (Townes Van Zandt) The Interfaith Dental Clinic / (Townes Van Zandt) A Song For / (Guy Clark) Dublin Blues / (Steve Earle) I Ain't Ever Satisfied / (Townes Van Zandt) Panco And Lefty / (Guy Clark) Immigrant Eyes / (Steve Earle) Sirocco's Pizza / (Steve Earle) Mercenary Song / (Townes Van Zandt) Tecumseh Valley / (Steve Earle) Copperhead Road



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